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DeFi Top Stories

  • Tornado.Cash Governance Proposal
    Tornado.Cash has become the largest privacy solution on Ethereum today. Tornado.Cash has been fully autonomous and decentralized, but it’s static — it has no way to evolve. This is a proposal to change that.

  • Inverse.Finance: Deposit Dai, Earn ETH is a protocol that offers passive no-loss investment in any token by following a Dollar-Cost Averaging strategy using stablecoin yield. Starting with ETH.

  • Elastic Supply For Dummies!
    The concept of elastic supply became famous with Ampleforth (AMPL) and its countless forks. It is actually quite simple but if you dive into the shallows of “crypto telegram” you quickly lose hope in humanity. The degree of ignorance is at times even impressive.

  • Weekly Dev Update #74
    THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 74, 15–21 Dec; Ethereum Support, ROUTER and SEEDSERVICE, Synthetics, Multichain Prep.

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