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DeFi Top Stories

  • Introduction to Unisave
    Unisave is a Uniswap compatible decentralized exchange protocol which introduced a few experimental features.

  • pNetwork Nodes are here!
    The pNetwork is the increasingly decentralised layer powering and governing the cross-chain pTokens solution.


Twitter avatar for @DeFiSaverDeFi Saver @DeFiSaver
Two new record breaking @AaveAave flash loans made using during the weekend.⚡️ 1: 34,03m $DAI -… 2: 34,05m $DAI -… This person was unwinding their DAI/DAI $COMP mining position and maxed out available DAI.👻

sakulstra @sakulstra

Seems like @DeFiSaver was involved into two relatively gigantic flash loans this morning with a total of 68M volume in dai

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