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I played A LOT with Ethereum alternative chains this week, due to the GAS absurdity

Social Tokens are a thing, so from now on you will find a "hidden" link to claim some definitely-not-worth-anything FAV tokens. Plan is to move them to MATIC once possible, for now you need a Twitter account however.

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DeFi Top Stories

  • Introducing xINCH: Powerful Yield
    If we’ve learned anything since 1Inch launched its governance token on Christmas Eve, it’s that the project is a cash-generating machine.

  • THORchain: Weekly Dev Update #79
    THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 79, 26–31 Jan; Redeployed Testnet, final preparations in ASGARDEX, ZCash and Dogecoin bridges scoped, Litecoin, Bitcoincash support in XChainJs

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🧙TO HEGICIANS: Today I am launching the ALPHA Hegic 2ndary Market in partnership with @CryptoSamurai H2M is a 2ndary market AMM for @HegicOptions. Users can now sell their options with instant liquidity to take profit 👇👇👇 Image
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♟️The Hiding Game is now live ♟️

KeeperDAO @Keeper_DAO

The Hiding Game is the first of three games we are building, and refers to the cooperation between users and keepers to “hide” MEV by wrapping trades/debt in specialised on-chain contracts. These contracts restrict profit extracting opportunities to KeeperDAO itself.

Until next week!