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  • Weekly Dev Update #82
    THORChain Weekly Dev Update for Week 82, 15–21 Feb; Impermanent Loss Protection, Synthetic Assets, DOGE finished, Community Tool tweaks

Twitter avatar for @AndreCronjeTechAndre Cronje @AndreCronjeTech No option to transfer FTM yet, we are restricting usage to exiting FTM users for now Buy & mint cover Trade USDC, DAI, & fUSD Mint & trade synths… Support for BSC, Heco, xDAI, Polygon, FSN, and Avax will follow ImageImageImageImage
Twitter avatar for @_0x_larryLarry⚡0xlarry.eth🍣 @_0x_larry for Chaosnet updated! Check out the new v2.1: - new chart showing daily & weekly APY - facelift of the page - seamlessly upgradable to Multichain once it's launched - bug fixes & many other behind-the-scene updates Link:… Image
Twitter avatar for @_wilbur4ce_Will Sheehan @_wilbur4ce_
Big winner from liquidation frenzy… won $84m of liquidations on compound in the last 36hrs, accounting for gas costs net profit ~$6 million